What we do:

We provide a service for branded personality profiles. Our products are only available through authorized providers who make the product available through their own websites for directy business to business. All providers are reviewed by us and are obligaged to conduct business according to high ethical and business standards.

Contacting Us:

You are welcome to contact us using our contact form. Because we are an online service provider, all support is provided via email. We will forward your request to your provider if appropriate. If you have question about specific access codes or a specific order, please provide that information when you contact us in order to help us assist you more quickly.

Support response time:

We will get back with you today if we can. We try to answer everyone by the next business day.

Cancellation & refund policy:

Orders for online products are placed through our providers. You may request a refund or cancel an online order within 48 hours of the time you place your order by contacting us or your provider. Orders are non-refundable after 48 hours from the time time the order is placed.

Shipping and return policy:

All of our resources are online, so shipping is not required.

Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy in one word: Respect. Your information is only for us to follow-up with you. Your email may be forwarded to the authorized provider that services your account  so they can follow up with you.

Pricing Practices:

Our products are sold by our authorized providers based on established retail pricing. Providers are free to include value-added services and set pricing accordingly.

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